The information collected from you is necessary in order to provide appropriate consultation.

The following privacy policy is developed for the participants with respect to the personal and other information provided in order to access necessary services:

1. We respect your privacy and we understand that right to privacy is a fundamental right granted under the Constitution of India.

2. Personal information means email id, mobile number and name. Other Information excludes Personal Information.

3. Your email Id and mobile number is required only for the purpose of login..

4. Your log in password information shall be secured through an encrypted software and necessary measures shall be taken to keep them protected through secured servers/softwares owned by

5. Other information provided by the participants will be shared with the concerned experts for further consultation.

6. The information collected from the participants shall be used only for the purpose of providing Food chart for your daily habits, Proper sleep habits, ayurveda solutions to improve natural immunity system of your body, physical exercise and yoga to improve physical and mental health, free psychological consultation, frequently asked questions and answers and other services.

7. You may change or update any of the information provided by you by logging in.

8. Information, other than personal details like name, email and phone, of the participants may be used for developing statistics, trends and patterns in future. Aggregated information of the participants and its analysis may be used for publication purposes which can be shared with third parties. Such publications shall not include any information of the individual which permits recognition of the individual.

9. The consultations/ services offered to you shall not be shared with anyone except you.

10. The information collected from you shall not be shared with any third party.

11. Any changes to the existing privacy policy will be uploaded on our website at here

12. In case you want to remove the information provided, you can mail us on

Disclaimer statement: provides recommendations solely on the basis of information furnished by the participants. The recommendations are given by our group of experts on the basis of well published and existing knowledge available in their respective domains. The recommendations are generic in nature and are based upon the information provided by the participants. The participants may not adhere to the recommendations given. For specific recommendations, the participants may refer their case to necessary experts. Further, in case of any complications or new disorders/diseases developed post/after the information provided, the participants shall not continue to follow the recommendations. The University or any of the members contributing to the portal shall not be responsible for any damage or injury caused to the participants for not adhering to the recommendations given or in case the circumstances that existed at the time of providing information changes. The recommendations given by this portal are personal in nature and solely based on the information provided, hence the recommendations should not be shared with anyone. University or anyone associated with the portal development shall not take any responsibility and shall not be liable for any claims or damages in case the recommendations are followed by a person other than the concerned participant.